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Four-day professional baseball tryouts scheduled for Florida and Arizona with guaranteed offers of contracts
– The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB), in conjunction with Prospect
Dugout, today announced it will host two Professional Baseball Tryout Mini-Camps inthis spring, 2020in conjunction with Prospect Dugout.

1. The first mini-camp will take place at the Boombah Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla. from March 30 – April 2.
2. The second mini-camp will follow at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Ariz. From April 6 – 9.

To learn more information and register for the mini-camp tryouts, please CLICK HERE.

The OFFICIAL tryout for the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

34 guaranteed contracts!!!

At our 4-day tryout, for less than $200/day you will spend 8+ hours EACH day in front of professional managers and MLB scouts that have the ability to sign you on the spot!

These 5 MLB teams have already confirmed their attendance! We fully expect all 30 MLB teams to be represented!
Registration is $799 for our 4-day event.

Registration for our 2020 pro baseball tryouts is made simple with Team Snap. Choose your event location, create your free profile on Team Snap, and complete registration. You can even add RegSaver insurance to protect your investment.

With a small downpayment of $199, choose our payment plan option to secure your spot NOW and pay later!

4-day tryout camp DAILY ITINERARY

9am: On-field batting practice to showcase your hitting skills
1030am: On-field defensive reps to showcase your defensive skills
1230pm: Live gameplay to showcase your playing ability
Each day will feature 2 different ALPB managers at your field
Hitters will get 4 to 5 at-bats each day during live gameplay
That’s 16-20 at-bats during the event
Pitchers will each have two live outings, facing 24 batters over 4 innings
Pitchers will not have to pitch back-to-back days
4-days of access to other professional managers, coaches, and personnel
Our 2019 event had 12 MLB scouts, and coaches and team representatives from every major Independent organization in the USA, as well as clubs from Mexico and Japan
Personal skills evaluation and results sheet
Official mini-camp hat and shirt

Ref.] indy ball tryouts :

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미국야구 아메리칸 어소시에이션 오브 인디펜던트 리그 트라이아웃 정보 [2019-04-22 일자 기준]

Milwaukee Milkmen

Date- 4/22/2019
Time- 8:30 a.m. registration for pitchers and catchers; tryouts begin at 9 a.m.
10:30 a.m. for all position players; tryout begins at 11:00 a.m.
Location- The Rock Sports Complex, 7900 Crystal Ridge, Franklin, Wisconsin 53132
Cost- $75 for walk ups, $50 if you pre-register online by April 21
Special Instructions- Players trying out must choose to tryout as either a pitcher or positional player, including catcher. Players must be between 18-37 years old and not currently enrolled in college. Players must wear a baseball hat and baseball pants/sweatpants. Position players must bring own wood bats/gloves. Catchers must bring own gear.
Contact- [email protected]
Gary SouthShore RailCats

Date- 4/28/2019 (If there is inclement weather on this date, tryouts will be held 5/01/2019)
Time- 11:30 a.m.
Location- U.S. Steel Yard. One Stadium Plaza, Gary, Ind. 46402
Cost- $50
Special Instructions- Must be 18 or older to register; must bring own baseball gear (i.e., cleats, gloves, wooden bats, batting gloves, catcher’s gear, etc.); upon arriving, players should enter through the RailCats Entry Gate on Stadium Plaza between Fourth and Fifth Avenue and head to the field for registration; you can’t pre-register for the tryout and you can only tryout at one position.
Contact- 219-882-2255
St. Paul Saints

Date- 5/02/2019
Time- 9:00 a.m. registration; tryouts begin at 10:00 a.m.
Location- CHS Field 360 N Broadway St., St. Paul, MN 55101
Cost- Free
Special Instructions- Registration will take plact at the front gate of the ball park located on Broadway St. Each person showing up should come baseball ready, in baseball attire, cleats, bring their own glove, and a wood bat for position players. All participants can showcase their talents at only one position.
Contact- 651-644-6659
Kansas City T-Bones

Date- 5/03/2019
Time- 10:00 a.m.
Location- T-Bones Stadium, 1800 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS 66111
Cost- $105
Special Instructions- All players must bring their own gear.
Contact- [email protected] or 913-328-5618
Sioux Falls Canaries

Date- 5/03/2019
Time- 7 p.m. for position players, 8 p.m. for pitchers
Location- Sioux Falls Stadium (The Birdcage)
1001 Northwest Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Cost- $50 if paid in advance of May 2, $75 on the day of tryout
Special Instructions- Must be 18 or older. Interested players cannot be under contract with another professional organization. All participants must provide their own gear. Players should wear proper baseball attire.
Contact- Duell Higbe – [email protected]

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대만 타오위안 공항 1터미널 3층에 가면 

쉴 수 있는 작은 라운지 공간과 24시간 영업하는 모스버거 (mos burger)가 있다.

새벽 비행으로 공항 노숙을 하는 이들에게 커피 한 잔 하며 쉴 수 있는 좋은 공간이다.

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2018 미국 독립리그 프론티어리그 트라이아웃

1. Frontier League Tryout
기간 : 2018.04.23~2018.04.24
장소 : 켄터키주 플로렌스
자격 : 최소 18세 이상(1991년 1월1일 이후 출생)
내용 :
프론티어리그의 12개팀 모두 참여
최근 10년간 매년 평균 약 30명의 선수들이 선택됨.
등록 링크 :

각 팀별 트라이아웃 정보는 아래와 같다.

Team Tryout

2. Evansville Otters / Joliet Slammers Tryout(1)
일자 : 2018.03.17
트라이아웃 개최 팀 : Evansville Otters / Joliet Slammers
시간 :
포지션 플레이어는 오전 8:30부터
투수는 오전 11:30부터
참가비 : $75
장소 : Bosse field 23 Don Mattingly Way Evansville, IN 47711
등록 링크 :
상세 정보 :

3. Evansville Otters / Joliet Slammers Tryout(2)
일자 : 2018.03.31
트라이아웃 개최 팀 : Evansville Otters / Joliet Slammers
시간 :
포지션 플레이어는 오전 8:30부터
투수는 오전 11:30부터
참가비 : $100
장소 : ECTB Stadium at Bicentennial Park 1008 South Howard Street Allentown, PA 18103
등록링크 :
상세 정보 :

4. Gateway Grizzlies Tryout
일자 : 2018.04.17
트라이아웃 개최 팀 : Gateway Grizzlies
시간 : 오전 07:45 등록
참가비 : 어드밴스 : $60 / walk up : $75
장소 : GCS Ballpark 2301 Grizzlie Bear Blvd. Sauget, IL 62206
상세 정보 :

5. Flolence Freedom Tryout
일자 : 2018.04.18
트라이아웃 개최 팀 : Flolence Freedom
시간 :
등록은 오전 10:10
워크아웃은 오전 11:00부터
참가비 : 어드밴스 $60 / walk up $75
장소 : UC Health Stadium 7950 Freedom Way Flolence, KY 41042
등록 링크 :
상세 정보 :

6. River City Rascals Tryout
일자 : 2018.04.21
트라이아웃 개최 팀 : River City Rascals
시간 :
등록은 오전 08:10
워크아웃은 오전 09:00부터
참가비 : $50
장소 : CarShield Field 900 TR Hughes Blvd. O’Fallon, MO 63366
상세 정보 :

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1. 사회인야구 관련 팀- 선수 연결
2. market portal
3. ground portal
4. community

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random menu recommendation app

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아기똥 상태 비교 app

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일상의 에피소드를 나누는 웹서비스 채널
like 컬투쇼

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나갈까말까 망설이다가 결국 베이징 시내를 갔다오기로 하면서 공항철도를 타고 시내로 나갔다. 


오전시간대라 전갈꼬치와 같은 무시무시한 녀석들의 꼬치거리는 보지 못했다.

거대한 애플스토어가 있는 거대한 apm백화점 등.

생소한 맥도날드맨

평일 오전이었지만 관광객들로 붐볐다.

어디 여행가서 스타벅스커피를 마시는 건 과장을 보태서 죄라고 생각했는데 오늘 죄를 범했다. 베이징의 아메리카노는 22위안.

우리나라보다 조금 더 비싼 가격인 것같다.

커피맛은 베이징이나 서울이나 다를바가 없었다.

베이징을 생각하면 중학교 1학년 때의 한창 개발중인, 낙후된 베이징만을 떠올렸는데 

이번에 베이징 시내를 돌아보면서 길거리에 돌아다니는 테슬라 전기자동차 등을 보면서 서울보다 앞선 부분이 많구나라는 생각이 들었다.

짝퉁 중국이라는 생각만 해서는 안되는 것이다.

왕푸징 북스토어 지하에 의외로 괜찮은 덮밥집이 있었다. 스벅 아메리카노보다 저렴한 17위안인데 맛도 괜찮았다.


왕푸징거리에서 약 1.9km를 걸어가니 천안문이다. 천안문으로 가려는 사람들에 대한 보안검색이 까다롭다.

여기저기 공안들이 배치되어 있고..

중학교 1학년때 북경에 왔을 때는 천안문을 먼 거리에서 보고 돌아갔는데 바로 앞에 와보니 그 때와 또 느낌이 다르다.

평일인데 사람들이 참 많다.

더 돌아다니면 저질 체력이 바닥날 것같아 공항으로 돌아갔다.

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