[US][ATLANTIC] 2020 미국야구 애틀랜틱리그 트라이아웃

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[US][ATLANTIC] 2020 미국야구 애틀랜틱리그 트라이아웃


Four-day professional baseball tryouts scheduled for Florida and Arizona with guaranteed offers of contracts
– The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB), in conjunction with Prospect
Dugout, today announced it will host two Professional Baseball Tryout Mini-Camps inthis spring, 2020in conjunction with Prospect Dugout.

1. The first mini-camp will take place at the Boombah Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla. from March 30 – April 2.
2. The second mini-camp will follow at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Ariz. From April 6 – 9.

To learn more information and register for the mini-camp tryouts, please CLICK HERE.

The OFFICIAL tryout for the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

34 guaranteed contracts!!!

At our 4-day tryout, for less than $200/day you will spend 8+ hours EACH day in front of professional managers and MLB scouts that have the ability to sign you on the spot!

These 5 MLB teams have already confirmed their attendance! We fully expect all 30 MLB teams to be represented!
Registration is $799 for our 4-day event.

Registration for our 2020 pro baseball tryouts is made simple with Team Snap. Choose your event location, create your free profile on Team Snap, and complete registration. You can even add RegSaver insurance to protect your investment.

With a small downpayment of $199, choose our payment plan option to secure your spot NOW and pay later!

4-day tryout camp DAILY ITINERARY

9am: On-field batting practice to showcase your hitting skills
1030am: On-field defensive reps to showcase your defensive skills
1230pm: Live gameplay to showcase your playing ability
Each day will feature 2 different ALPB managers at your field
Hitters will get 4 to 5 at-bats each day during live gameplay
That’s 16-20 at-bats during the event
Pitchers will each have two live outings, facing 24 batters over 4 innings
Pitchers will not have to pitch back-to-back days
4-days of access to other professional managers, coaches, and personnel
Our 2019 event had 12 MLB scouts, and coaches and team representatives from every major Independent organization in the USA, as well as clubs from Mexico and Japan
Personal skills evaluation and results sheet
Official mini-camp hat and shirt

Ref.] indy ball tryouts : https://indyballisland.com/indy-ball-tryouts/

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